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The Memories

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I would like to thank my husband, Geoff, for taking the time and great patience needed in helping me to complete my story.

My grand daughter, Natalie for giving up a week of her school holiday to help me to get started, typing up my scribbled notes onto my new computer which was not an easy job with my hand writing, bad grammar and my lack of mouse control. My daughter, Jane, for helping me to correct my computer mistakes and having the faith in me to complete the book.

To my grandson Ben, and my grand daughter Stephanie, for their help with ideas for the book. To Roger for the first proof reading and to my daughter, Christine, for her ideas, subsequent proof reading, final manuscript typing, help dealing with the publishers and the time she gave me ensuring the book’s completion.

To Sophie and Zak for just being Sophie and Zak and finally my Son Steve for being the focus of my book without him there would be no story to tell.