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About the Author

Sheila Redgrave was inspired to write this book by her only son Sir Steven Redgrave, the five times Olympic Gold Medallist. “The Sonshine of our Lives”, is not a typo (although dyslexia does run in the family), but refers to the fact that Steve is her son, and that he has always been the sunshine of his parents’ lives.

Sheila has used Steve’s thirty year rowing career as the background to the story of the lives of her family members during these years and has taken the facts from the pages of her diaries which she religiously writes each and every day. She was born in Birmingham in 1931 to Ada and Harold Stevenson, the youngest daughter of a close and loving family. Sheila married her husband Geoffrey in 1952 and had three children, two girls, Christine and Jane and a son, her youngest.

Sheila and Geoff supported and followed Steve to each and every rowing event that he entered in his long career - in later years, taking care of his children, being their ‘nanny’ (in both senses of the word) and allowing Steve and his wife Ann, to single-mindedly pursue their careers within Sport and Sports Medicine.

Sheila’s lifelong friends Queenie and Joan, whose husbands Arthur and Derek are Steve’s Godfathers, all moved to Marlow Bottom in the 1950’s and are still firm friends. Sheila has five grandchildren, Benjamin, Stephanie, Natalie, Sophie and Zak. The book recounts the Redgrave family history from 1975 to the turn of the millennium.