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Articles written about Steve's Achievements

There have been some wonderful articles written in the newspapers about the moment when Steve took his 5th Gold Medal and I’d like to share a few of my favourites:

Kevin Mitchell in The Observer :
As Princess Anne put the gold around Redgrave's tired old shoulders; there were not many Britons present who were not thinking: Arise, Sir Steve. If there is a safer bet for the next Honours List, none is immediately apparent. Hell, Sir Steve might even finally win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award.

According to the Times newspaper :
After the race Redgrave said to his crewmates, "Remember these six minutes for the rest of your lives. Listen to the crowd and take it all in. This is the stuff of dreams."

Dan Topolski in The Observer: Sunday 24th September 2000 :
A CBE, an MBE, an Honoris causa Doctorate of Civil Law, and vice president of the charity Sparks have propelled him into prominence and he carries his celebrity well. He remains down to earth, serious, but accessible - unless race day is imminent, when he becomes unapproachable. He doesn't suffer fools easily, but he's learnt diplomacy and public speaking.

James Lawton salutes a seminal moment of sheer sporting guts.
Monday, 13 July 2009 The Independent :

It still looks ridiculous when you write it down: 0.38 of a second, then measure it against 2,000 metres of the glassy lake in Australia on that September morning nine years ago. That dawn when the flags of the Olympic nations hung limp and the tension rose with the brilliant sun burning away the mist - and then you remember the near-death agony of the winners and losers before they could celebrate or grieve the micro moment that was now gone for ever. Nought point 38. . . You cannot take half a breath in such a grain of time, you cannot formulate a thought. Maybe it is an age in the Olympic blue riband, the 100-yard dash. In rowing, it can be no more than a single convulsion.

Richard Williams Saturday 23 September 2000 :
Redgrave’s achievements will always be in his deeds and not in his memories. The fifth gold medal, which was presented to him by the president of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch, will, one imagines, go where the other four have gone into a display case in the Henley rowing museum. But somewhere deep in that warrior’s heart perhaps one day he will feel a glow of pride in his immense, unexampled conquests.